Albums Aren’t Just For Weddings

We have been thrilled to work with exceptionally talented photographers in collaborating on new ways to use and present albums. Albums that tell a story—a short story that succinctly reveals the life of its characters at that time of their lives.

We most certainly recognize the worth of fine art wall portraits and the value of having a home filled with them. But how much wall space do your customers have left? And even if all the portraits are by professional photographers, are they top quality? Sadly, our industry has been in a fierce race to the bottom, fueled by customers unaware of the shortcuts taken by both photographers and vendors. Increasingly photographers feel compelled to deliver what the customer wants, frequently resulting in less than spectacular products released under an unrealistic timetable.

Ah, the lure of the get-it-now, the thrill and immediacy of photos on cloud- and hard drive–based galleries, iPads, digital frames, and smart phones. But digital files can get corrupted, or lost forever to the next technology.

We at Jonathan Penney know another kind of customer is out there—people who value something they can hold in their hands that is well made, presented in an artful fashion.  People who recognize high-touch, high-quality things that last and grow more valuable over time.

Our hand-crafted book fabric and leather printed albums will retain their beauty as they weather, unlike the popular press-printed albums that with age simply look beat. Our pages will hold up to the wrinkles and bends, enabling the images to shine through and be continually enjoyed decades later. The characteristics of aging of our albums helps to reveal the time between when the album was created and the present time adding even more dimension to the story inside.

Printed albums win on another point too. People are not making or keeping as many hard copies of photos or written documents today, and most all of us at one time or another have experienced a painful loss of digital files and these loses will keep happening. Physical albums and prints fade and get worn. Digital aging goes from being here to being gone.

A Jonathan Penney Collection album is a historical document that is so much more than a digital file could ever be. Imagine one of these albums, long forgotten or unknown, being unearthed from an attic or a drawer . . . the sensual experience of its smell and texture.

We encourage to you get creative with how you use and sell albums—and to produce printed albums that will excite your customers.  These printed albums are perfectly suited to your customers—young and old, rural and urban, rich and monetarily challenged—that will tell their own stories in ways that will amaze. Next time you have a portrait session, ask questions and listen carefully to see what story your customers need told. Then suggest you create an album for them.

We’ve seen and helped to create albums that tell amazing stories about people doing what they love, and being with friends and family they love. Here are a few albums for inspiration . . .

Maria Bernal presents “65 Years“–an album celebrating a wonderful marriage

Keith Pitts presents “Day in the Life

Amanda Reed  – Classic senior album “Coal Miner’s Son” 

Gregory Georges – “Book Fabric Senior Album”